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The ART of Bodybuilding - Part 5

The Aof Bodybuilding - Part 5

IFBB bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler takes first step since surgery

IFBB bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler takes first step since losing part of his leg
IFBB bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler used to be a fierce competitor on the posing dais and now he is showing the fire in his belly in the face adversity as he took his first step since having part of his leg amputated. The four-time Arnold Classic winner is… #bodybuildingmotivation

Nick Cutler: Heavy Chest/Triceps | Workout

Caught up with me for a Heavy Chest, Moderate Shoulder / Tricep session just 24 hours removed from my Tryout Now that that’s in my rear view mirror, my focus is on my bodybuilding debut at the NPC Illinois State Championships May 9

wolfiesfighters shows you how to BUILD-A-BACK!

BUILD-A-BACK!⠀First off lets start off with a lot of these exercises are going to overlap since there's a few exercise that basically hit the whole entire back, one being the deadlift since it almost hits the entire body. When your middle and lower back muscles are weak, you are more likely to experience low back pain. Strengthening the deeper muscles of the back, develops support for your spine and pelvis. This workout is perfect for gains and only take four weeks!

3 exercises to stretch the largest muscle of your arms | The Times of India

3 exercises to stretch the largest muscle of your arms
If exercising is necessary to lose weight, stretching is crucial for increasing your flexibility and mobility. Before attempting any exercise, every person must do stretching to avoid injury and muscle strain. The same rule applies when you are exercises to t… #bicepsexercises

The 4-Move Workout for Bigger Biceps

As a former Golden Gloves-contending boxer, owner of High Performance Gym in South Carolina, Clay Burwell, knows a thing or two about training arms. When it comes to building big biceps, you cant really stray from doing some sort of curl, but that doesnt mean… #bodybuilding

Be Warned! Your Arms Will Be So Sore After This 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout

No dumbbells? That's OK! You don't need them if you choose effective bodyweight moves like these. The 10 exercises below will target your upper body including your biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, and upper back. Be warned you will absolutely be sore aft… #bicepsexercises

10 Minute Shred FAT BURNING Workout